Numismatic department

           The numismatic collection begun by Julije Hoffmann, founder of the Brod Posavlje Museum, was the fundamental collection with which the Museum was founded at Slavonski Brod in 1934, containing 3 500 numismatic pieces. In the capacity of the first curator and director of the newly-founded museum, Julije Hoffmann  continued with the same enthusiasm and zeal to gather various museum artefacts, so numismatic pieces were predominant. During his lifetime, he significantly expanded the collection that he had given as a donation at the foundation of the Museum by adding around 1000 coins and around 1500 banknotes.
         Until this day the collection has been expanded in different ways: by items gathered through field research projects, purchase, donations and in other ways. Due to the large number of numismatic items and to the value of the collection, the Numismatic Department was formed, holding nowadays a total of 13 095 pieces of various currencies divided into 5 collections:
•    Collection of ancient coins up to the 6th century
•    Collection of medieval currencies from the 7th to the 16th centuries
•    Collection of currencies from the16th to the 19th centuries
•    Collection of contemporary money from 20th/21st centuries
•    Collection of paper money
The basic objective of the Numismatics Department is to collect numismatic items which are primarily connected to the territory of the Brod Posavlje and to the regions of Slavonia, and to Croatia as a whole.