Antiquities collection

The Antiquities collection contains almost 6000 items, mostly gathered in the Brod Posavlje area. They are monuments from the times of the Roman Empire (1st - 4th century AD). The most numerous are ceramic items: vessels of different shapes used for various purposes, plumbing pipes and various lamps. A significant part of the collection contains Roman building materials (bricks, roof coverings, stone tiles). Present also are items made of glass paste (bracelets, beads) and of glass (glass containers in fragments, embalming fluid containers - scent bottles), as well as those made of bone (pins, hairpins), items made of metal (jewellery, weapons, everyday items). The most valuable in the collection are two items related not only to the Brod heritage, but also to the Croatian and to the world heritage: one is ceremonial shin-guard with straps, called cnemid, made of gold-plated bronze and the other one is a military diploma.